We are a church of communities, not a church with communities.

We believe that God designed us to be in relationship with one another and that there is simply no substitute for doing life with others in a shared pursuit of honoring God. Redemption Communities provide a context for people to live out their faith in the support, accountability, and stretching that is inherent in community.

What to expect

Redemption Communities (RCs) are leader-facilitated and typically meet in homes. Activities vary from group to group and week to week but may involve any combination of eating, learning, playing, sharing, celebrating, praying, and serving.

New to Peoria?

Join us for Rhythms!

Rhythms is a 4-week course that we hold every other month on Sundays during 1st service, and covers who we are as a church, the ways we serve, and helps you find a Redemption Community (RC) that would be a good fit for you as you engage and participate in the community life of Redemption Peoria.

Rhythms are movements, fluctuations, or variations marked by the regular recurrence or natural flow of related elements. They set up structure so that uniformity can take place. They shape things, including us. Many people go about their lives not realizing how much they actually rely on rhythm, or how much they are formed and shaped by them. Rhythms play an integral part in life, art, and within the local church.

Over the course of this 4-week course, we will aim to give you insight into the rhythms of the family and community life of Redemption Peoria. It’s less of how we look and act and more about how we live and move and have our being.

Find out what’s involved and get signed up to join a group. Childcare will be provided.


Register for Rhythms
Been Around a While?

If you’ve already taken Start Here, have been connected in other ministries, or are looking to get back into a Redemption Community, we would love to help you find a group.  Email Charles Jones for further information.

Email Charles Jones