Charles Jones

Josh Miles / February 13, 2019

I married my incredible, beautiful wife Amanda in November of 2014. We were both raised in the West Valley and have made our home here. We have two foster daughters who we hope will one day be our forever daughters. We trust the Lord with that.
I grew up in a home centered on Christ– I’m the son of a pastor and a “seminary baby,” even– but didn’t begin to seriously walk with Jesus until I was 20. It was then that Jesus’ call to himself became real to me. By his grace, I’ve been walking with him for over a decade now. I’m consistently in awe of his love and faithfulness to me- a sinful, broken man. What a treasure it is to be perfectly loved and known!
My wife and I have been a part of Redemption Peoria from its inception, and God has used this church as an indescribable gift to us, both individually and as a couple. I received the call to pastoral ministry in 2016 (ironically, my last semester of seminary) and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to serve on staff as a Pastoral Resident. I do not know where the Lord will lead us vocationally and/or ministry-wise, but we are certain that he will make it clear in his timing. May he be glorified in all of life!