Redemption Peoria Liturgy Recap | 08.09.20

Josh Miles / August 8, 2020

We begin our series on the Gospel of John this week, and we are excited for what the Lord is about to teach us over what will amount to be just shy of a year. Today’s text is John 20:30-31, which is John laying all his cards out on the table for us as readers in regards to what the purpose of this book is.

You’ll find today’s entire liturgy here, which will provide some instruction for you as you gather together throughout the day/week in small numbers. You’ll find all the necessary resources for this week there as well.

We’ve got resources for your family as well, via this week’s Parent Pack, and Coloring Page

Finally, we encourage you the same way we have always tried to: please be the church. Let’s do what the church always does. Let’s live all of life in such a way that it would indicate to any and everyone that it’s always, always, always all about Jesus. 

We love you all. We’re praying for you and those around you. We’re thanking the Lord for His sovereignty and unending care for us. We can’t wait to see what He does during these current times, and we already long and will even appreciate more the next time we all gather together. 

Be well, friends. And please let us know if you need help during this time, know someone who needs help, or want to join the efforts to help others!

Grace and peace to you all.