Regathering at Peoria

Josh Miles / August 19, 2020

Now on Sundays!

9:00am • 10:45am
R/Kids for kids 5 & under

The church of Jesus has never been closed, but we’re thrilled to regather. We want to do it lovingly, with care and compassion. Take a look at our approach below to learn how we plan to do our best to keep you as safe and healthy as we possibly can. RSVPs for services and R|Kids are initially required and can be found below.

Please note: Due to the standing order passed in Maricopa county mandating mask-wearing in public spaces and our desire to love one another, we are requiring everyone attending one of our gatherings to wear a mask while in an indoor space.

Our Approach

We will maintain a friendly environment while implementing common-sense precautions.
We will be driven by trust and guidance, not policy and rules.
We will love, honor, and respect those who stay home.

Common Sense Precautions

Capacity in worship services will be reduced to allow for spacing.

Doors will remain open longer to allow for entry without contact.
All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized between services.
Greeters will interact without contact.
Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the campus.

All bulletins and/or connect cards will be in digital form only.
There will be no coffee or donuts served at this time.
Face masks are beneficial, welcomed, and available, and required for anyone in an indoor space.
Communion will be individually packaged for minimizing touch.

Redemption Kids

We’ve always been committed to providing a safe, secure, clean, fun, and Jesus-focused ministry for kids at Redemption Peoria. Here are a few of the added precautions we’re taking as we care for your children.

Please note: Initially, R|Kids will be available for kids 5 and under only (with limited capacity for now).

Classes open 15 minutes prior to service and close 10 minutes after. Parents must pick up children immediately following the service to allow time for sanitizing.
Children must be symptom-free for 24 hours, showing no signs of cough, sneezing, discharge, or flu-like symptoms (such as a fever) unrelated to pre-existing conditions. Masks are optional for kids 5 and under.
Activities will be carefully chosen to limit contact, while recognizing that distancing between children (especially young children) is not possible.
Staff and team members will follow sanitizing and hand-washing procedures, as well as wearing masks. R|Kids staff and volunteers are committed to being fever and symptom-free for at least 24 hrs prior to Sunday services. Also, sanitized toys will be provided for children at each service.
Snacks are not allowed, but pre-packaged Cheerios will be offered for the kids. In addition, juice/water cups are also not permitted. Children will be offered water in disposable cups.
Parents should be diligent to teach hand-washing procedures (including washing hands for at least 20 seconds) before checking them into R|Kids. TIP: Sing a Doxology!

Services still premiering at 9a on Sundays via YouTube!

We understand that some of you who call Redemption Peoria home may not, for many reasons, be able or ready to resume in-person gathering. We will continue to premiere services live on our YouTube channel every Sunday at 9a for the foreseeable future, as we aim to love, honor, and respect those who stay home and aren’t quite ready to regather in person. We know that the Lord transcends our screens in uniting our hearts!

CLICK HERE to visit our YouTube channel

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